The MISS ROMANIA trademark

"MISS ROMANIA" is a registered trademark by OSIM (Oficiul de Stat pentru Inventii si Marci / STATE OFFICE FOR INVENTIONS AND TRADEMARKS of Romania) since 1993. The owner of the Miss Romania trademark is mr. Gavrila INOAN.

The unauthorised use of this trademark is forbidden.

The right of organizing the Miss Romania Pageant belongs only to the "Miss Romania Organization" Foundation rulled by mr. Gavrila INOAN as president and national director Irina HAIDET.

For official contact please use the e-mail adress

Miss Romania Organization

The most important beauty pageant in Romania is MISS ROMANIA.

MISS ROMANIA ORGANIZATION is coordonateing the production of the National Beauty Pageant MISS ROMANIA.

The participateing at this pageant is, in the first place, an honor for the girls witch wants to become the holder of this very important national title.

The MISS ROMANIA title is following the holder all her life.

OMR (MISS ROMANIA ORGANIZATION) Foundation has the exclusive right to operate MISS ROMANIA registered mark with is owned by mister Gavrila INOAN.

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